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Welcome to Alpha PetroVision Holding North America Inc.

Alpha PetroVision manages one large oil field in North America with oil reserves totaling about 330 million barrels. Production is currently built up at the Caddo Pine oil field in Louisiana. The first horizontal well was constructed and went into operation at the end of 2015. With its streamlined organization and a network of local partners, Alpha PetroVision will seek to exploit these oil resources in the most efficient way possible going forward, on the basis of a continually optimized development plan. This will be done using state-of-the-art oil production methods.



Alpha PetroVision Holding North America Inc.

Two Allen Center

1200 Smith Street, Suite 1600

Houston, TX 77002, USA


Phone: +1 713 353 39 56

Fax: +1 713 353 46 01




Alpha PetroVision Midland Office

Alpha PetroVision Holding North America, Inc.

1031 Andrews Hwy., STE 304

Midland, TX 79701